Dog Grooming Services

Full Dog Grooming :

Recommended intervals – 6 to 12 weeks

Full Dog Grooming includes – Nails trimmed. Hair under pads of feet trimmed. Hygiene/Anal area cleaned and trimmed. Ears plucked and cleaned out as needed. Hair around eyes trimmed. Coat prepared for the bath by brushing or clipping. Full body wash, including a massage, and conditioner treatment as appropriate to coat. High velocity dryer followed by warm air dryer until the coat is fully dry. Styling finished using a possible combination of clippers, thinners and scissors. Finishing spray and a collar bow.

Mini Groom :

3 to 4 weeks intervals between Full Grooms.

A special service for owners who find caring for their preference of a longer coat difficult and want to avoid the probability of having the coat shaved.
It includes all as in the Full Groom just without the removal of length from the coat.

Brush Only :

An in-between appointment service to help keep that longer coat. Includes a comb or brush out, finishing Spray and collar bow.

Wash Only :

This is for a well maintained coat in-between Full Groom appointments .

Suitable if your doggie friend has rolled in something unpleasant or is on a prescribed shampoo. Includes a finish spray and collar bow.

Please note:

Our dog grooming prices may vary based on the overall size and temperament of your pet, the condition and length of its coat. We’ll give you a professional consultation when you arrive for your dog’s first grooming appointment.
Pick-up and drop-off service available upon request in our fully air-conditioned jeep.

Areas covered: Straffan, Clane, Kilcock,  Ardclough, Sallins, Kill, Maynooth, Celbridge, Leixlip, Lucan, North Kildare, West Dublin.